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Will a weave damage my hair?

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The first thing to note when considering a weave is your hair type, not all hair types are suitable for a weave no matter which weaving method you use. Very fine or damaged hair is not suitable for a weave and even thick hair isn’t always suitable for all methods of weaves.

In the past weaves have been notorious for causing traction alopecia and many people who are suitable for a weave are now concerned about this happening to them. The main reason weaves can cause traction alopecia is because of poor application and/or using the wrong method for the hair type you are working with. There are lots of different methods of weaves and each individual specialist will put their own spin on their preferred method, personally I only use methods that reduce tension and are safe for both Afro and Caucasian hair types.

A common method is the braided weave, this is achieved by pulling your natural hair into a small tight braid around your head then sewing the weft onto this braid. This method is commonly used on Afro hair types as Afro hair is much stronger and more coarse than Caucasian hair. When this method is used on Caucasian hair it places tension on softer

weaker hair especially around the hair line that can then in turn cause traction alopecia.


(not my work shown)

As demonstrated in this picture the braid close to the hair line is much finer and weaker, this hair will be put under a lot of tension once the weft is sewn onto it potentially leading to hair loss.

The weave methods I personally use are the Sewn in weave commonly known as the LA weave and the micro weft methods, both of these methods are safe for Afro and Caucasian hair. The way both of these weaves work is to evenly distribute tension throughout the hair reducing the risk of damage and hair loss.

Micro Weft method

A weave is a great method for adding length and volume to your natural hair, it has a fast application time and maintenance appointments are less time consuming than other methods.

Not everyone is suitable for a weave and this is why it is extremely important to attend a consultation appointment so your hair extension specialist can assess your hair and together you can make a decision as to whether this method is suitable for you.

So in answer to the original question a weave will not damage your hair if it is correctly applied and maintained and is the most suitable method for your hair type.

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