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Weft Hair Extensions

Weft Hair Extensions are a type of hair extension where hair is sewn onto a weft creating a strip of hair. A weave is the method of securing the weft into your hair, there are various types of weave here at Natasha Jade Hair we specialise in the 2 that put the least tension on the hair.

The Sewn in Method

Small micro rings are attached into the hair creating a track to which the weft can then be sewn onto.

The Micro Weft

A small strand of hair is taken from above the weft and a strand from below which is then secured in place with a micro ring.

Both weave methods create a full and luscious result, the sewn in method is slightly more secure therefore can last longer however the micro weft sits flatter to the scalp.

Weft Hair Extensions require refitting every 8-10 weeks. All you need to do is drop us a message and let us know and we’ll book you straight in.

Deciding the best extensions for you…

Choosing your hair extensions can be a daunting task but with the right advice and information from our hair extension specialist its easy to pick out the best hair extensions to achieve your hair goals.

At Natasha Jade Hair we only use the best tried and tested products that we know our customers will love.

Below we’ve got the best brands we’ve 

Beauty Works GOLD Double Weft Hair Extensions

Double Weft

Double Drawn

Grade AAAA

18” 20” 22” 24” length

From £220

GOLD Double Weft is a unique wefted hair extensions design exclusive to Beauty Works. The GOLD Double Weft is designed to be more secure, stronger and prevents shedding, this is the thickest hair extension weft yet creating the most natural results, the double weft has 150 – 220g of double drawn Remy hair pressed into a flat and smooth lace weft.


Beauty Works Celebrity Choice Weft Hair Extensions

Double Drawn

Grade AAAA

14” 16” 18” 20” 22” length

From £135

Celebrity Choice Weft contains 120g of double drawn Remy human hair, this weft is great for adding length or enhancing the volume of your natural hair.

Angel Remy Super Weft Hair Extensions

Double Drawn

14” 18/20” length

From £125

The Super Weft contains 100-150g of Human Hair double drawn and thick from root to tip, this weft is great for addling length and volume to hair.

If you are considering micro-ring extensions in Stockport, Wilmslow or the Cheshire area then click here to book a free consultation

It is critical that once you’ve got extensions that you look after them. Visit our aftercare page to learn to keep them looking lush.