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5 Tips For Looking After Your Hair Extensions

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How To Look After Your New Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to add extra length and volume to thin or short hair, however, many people struggle to keep them in prime condition. By looking after hair extensions effectively you can keep them looking fresh and healthy for longer.

Here are five tips that will help you better care for your hair extensions that can help save you spending money and time in the salon.


Dirt and oil can cause your hair to tangle, if your extensions become tangled they can become frizzy and potentially cause damage to your natural hair. It is therefore critical that when washing your hair extensions to use an appropriate sulphate -free shampoo, conditioner & treatment (be sure to follow your stylist’s recommendations for specific products). You need to ensure when shampooing you are washing all of your hair in between your extensions not just the bit on top and thoroughly rinse out all product. When applying conditioner be careful not to get any on your bonds as this can cause them to slip and eventually fall out, apply conditioner in a downward motion to smooth the cuticle and lock in moisture.


Sleeping on wet hair extensions can present a number of problems. Initially, you are more likely to wake up with bed head as not drying your hair can leave your extensions frizzy (total nightmare), but the real issue is your extensions can become matted or extremely tangled. This can lead to unnecessary damage and potential loss of excess hair. If your extensions become matted the only option is removal.


As anyone with long hair knows, just one gust of wind and your hair needs a brush, it’s no different when you have extensions!  As already mentioned tangling is probably the biggest issue we face but the easiest to resolve, if you ensure your hair is tangle free you can avoid any matting occurring. The two most important times to ensure your hair is tangle free are before you wash your hair and before you go to bed. To detangle your hair extensions use a special brush or a wide-toothed comb. Start at the ends and work towards your roots brushing in a downward motion ensuring the hair is smooth before working your way up. Be sure you are gentle as you don’t want to put any unnecessary tension on your extensions out during this process.


Depending on the method of application you will have different types on bonds, all bonds are precious as this is where the extensions are held in place in your hair. If you want your extensions to last and your hair to be in good condition following removal then you need to take care of your bonds. Avoid using any heat, conditioner or products on your bonds as this will weaken it and may cause your extensions to fall out. If your extensions slip as a result of improper care of the bonds this can put tension on your natural hair and may result in damage to your hair. Another important thing to mention is to ensure your bonds are fully dried following washing your hair, leaving them damp can cause breakage as hair stretches when its wet.


Maintenance appointments are recommended at a specific time frame for a reason and are an essential part of aftercare. How often you will need to attend maintenance appointments will be dictated by the method they were installed. Generally, you should see your hair extension specialist at least every 8 weeks, with some methods such as tape in extensions this should be every 6 weeks. By attending regular appointments your hair extensions specialist can check your scalp and natural hair to ensure they are both in good condition and that you are not at risk of tension alopecia.

Hair extensions create beautiful full and long hair which for many people is otherwise unobtainable but they do need to be looked after. If you are unable to follow the correct aftercare advice and maintenance appointments maybe fixed extensions are not suitable for you.

If you are interested in hair extensions in the Stockport, Marple or Cheshire area then get in touch for a free consultation and we’ll help you make the right decision!

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