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How To Wash Hair Extensions

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How To Wash Hair Extensions

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How To Wash Hair Extensions?

This is probably the question that gets asked the most during hair extensions consultations. Washing your hair extensions can feel like a mammoth task when you first have them fitted however follow this simple guide and you will be looking forward to every wash day.

Detangle Hair Extensions First

Before you get your hair wet you need to ensure its fully tangle free, section your hair and brush from tip to root removing any tangles. This may be something new to you if you haven’t worn extensions before, but it is an essential part of your hair wash routine. If you forget to brush your hair beforehand don’t panic just be extra careful when brushing your hair afterwards as you will find your hair extensions will be knotty, start with the ends and work your way up your hair in small sections, take your time and don’t pull.

Washing Hair Extensions

When washing your hair, it is important to keep the water flowing the way your hair grows, this means that you shouldn’t flip your head upside down or wash your hair over the bath. It’s important not to do this as again this can just encourage your extensions to tangle unnecessarily it’s also difficult to remove all the product when washing your hair upside down.

Hair Extensions Shampoo

When it comes to shampooing, shampoo as normal ensuring you are using the correct products recommended by your hair extensions specialist. The biggest thing to remember when shampooing is to wash all your hair making sure you get in between your tracks if you have a weave or tapes. Don’t rub your hair extensions as this will damage the cuticle just gently massage the product through your ends. When shampooing the important thing is removing dirt and product build up from your scalp and roots. Rinse your shampoo out thoroughly and repeat for a second shampoo, as you shouldn’t be washing your hair every day the second shampoo ensures all dirt and product build up is effectively removed.


Once your shampoo has been thoroughly rinsed it’s time to condition your extensions, apply conditioner evenly through your mid-lengths and ends being careful not to get any on your scalp or roots. Avoiding getting conditioner on your bonds is important as this can cause slippage leading to tension or loss of your extensions depending on what method you have. Leave your conditioner for a few minutes as you would normally then rinse thoroughly. If you are using a weekly mask instead of an ordinary conditioner leave on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing all of the product out of your hair.

Drying Hair Extensions

When you have finished squeeze all the excess water out of your hair extensions then squeeze and pat dry with a towel, do not twist your hair up in the towel as this will cause damage to your extensions and bonds.

How Often To Wash Hair Extensions

It is advisable to wash your hair extensions 2-3 times a week if you wash them more than this it will damage the integrity of your hair extensions and lead to dry frizzy hair.


Washing your hair extensions is not a difficult task and once you have a routine it becomes second nature. The important things to remember are, brush your hair prior to getting it wet, ensure all product is thoroughly removed from your hair, squeeze excess water out with a towel and use the correct products. The Beauty Works Essentials gifts set has all the products you need to keep your hair looking and feeling great.

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