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Hair Extensions on Holiday

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Hair Extensions on Holiday

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Holiday Hair Extensions


With holiday season just around the corner I thought I would do a blog on how to care for your hair extensions on holiday!holiday hair extensions


Lots of things can affect your hair whilst you’re away the change in climate, the change in water, added elements such as chlorine salt water and sun cream so how can you protect it?


It easy really as long as you follow these simple steps:


Protect your hair in the sun


Just as you protect your skin with sun cream you need to protect your hair to avoid it becoming dry and snapping, you can do this in a number of ways. Wearing a hat can keep your hair out of the sun and protect your face at the same time. Hats not your thing then you must use a good protection spray either a reputable heat protection spray or Beauty Works 10 in 1 spray is fantastic for whilst you are abroad.


Avoid chlorine and sea water


Easier said than done you are on holiday after all!


If possible try and avoid submerging your hair extensions when swimming, chlorine and sea water can make your extensions become dry, tangled or discoloured especially blonde hair. When wearing your extensions in the water cover them with a hair treatment again I would recommend Beauty Works 10 in 1 this is fantastic for protecting your hair in the water and for using when brushing through your wet extensions. It’s important to mention that how you wear your hair in the water can have a massive impact, its best to wear your hair in a simple style such as a braid, avoid messy buns as if it gets wet it will increase the risk of tangling.


Use the correct brush


Using an appropriate hairbrush is always important but even more so when on holiday, as your extensions are at a greater risk of matting when on holiday. I always have a paddle brush with me, they are perfect for keeping your extensions tangle free. Always brush your hair following swimming if they get wet don’t let it dry first, before bed, throughout the day if needed.


Never sleep in wet extensions


as with normal aftercare advise don’t sleep in wet extensions it can lead to matting and damage to your extensions and your natural hair. Ensure your extensions are fully dry before bed especially the root.


Don’t buy new extensions for your holiday


As tempting as it is to get fresh new extensions for your holiday, don’t, extensions are more likely to be damaged when away so don’t waste your money by wearing new extensions that then get damaged. If you can, hold off until after your holiday or put your old extensions back in for your holiday that way you’re not wasting your money or your fresh new hair.


Products, products, products…


I know I go on about products but they really are the key to maintaining fabulous extensions, especially when you are away. Your shampoo and conditioner are super important to wash away all the excess dirt that builds up like sun cream and sweat, ensure you are using the correct recommended products that will keep your hair squeaky clean. Second you need to hydrate your hair give some nutrients back by using a protective spray throughout the day and an intensive nourishing mask. Keeping your hair silky smooth throughout the day is also key, especially when you are by the ocean as the higher salt content in the air can play havoc with your extensions, to deal with this problem you need a good nourishing oil.


Product recommendations


In your beach bag


Hair extensions brush

Beauty works 10 in 1 spray

Beauty Works Argan Oil


In your bathroom


Beauty Works nourishing argan oil shampoo

Beauty Works nourishing argan oil conditioner

Beauty Works nourishing argan oil mask


All these products are available to order from us separately or in our Natasha Jade Favourites gift set saving you over £30.00! Or our mini gift set is perfect for a weekend getaway.

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