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Hair Styling Cheshire

Pin Curls

Looking to have your curls last not just all night long but even days! Thats right Cinderella you will go to the ball and stay as long as you like without worrying about losing any shape or volume!

Curls are put in the hair either via Curly blow dry or with a curling iron they are then secured in place with pins until the hair has cooled and set into perfect curls, the pins can be taken out once the hair is cooled.

Hollywood Curls

Want that curly blow dry look in half the time, Hollywood curls create a full bodied look as if you’ve just spent an hour under the hairdryer.



This look is hugely popular due to its effortless style. 

Wanding creates perfect waves giving you that fresh off the beach look. Hair is wrapped vertically around the wand leaving the ends out then brushed through with your fingers and serum.

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