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Hair Extension Types

At Natasha Jade Hair we offer a variety of types of hair extension, each with their own look and costs associated. To learn more about each individual method then click on the heading of each. In many cases we have clients that use two methods at the same time. This can help to create a more natural look.


Tape Hair Extensions

Lightweight semi-permanent hair extensions – a very popular choice amongst our clients

Micro Ring Extensions

A very safe, secure and lightweight hair extension application method.  

Weft Hair Extensions

A weft is where the extensions are sewn onto a strip which is then installed into your hair. 

Colour Matching Service

Before we fit your extensions we always meet with our clients to run through a free consultation which is where we answer any questions our clients might have about their hair extensions. This is also where we colour match to ensure your extensions look exactly how they should.

Hair Extensions After Care

Hair extensions are a big investment and you can ensure they last by taking out our aftercare packages.

Hair Extensions Removal

Sometimes our clients want to take their extensions out for an event or a holiday or for whatever reason! Anyone who gets their hair extensions fitted with Natasha Jade Hair can have them removed for free!


Natasha Jade Hair

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