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Will Hair Extensions Make My Hair Thin?

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Will Hair Extensions Make My Hair Thin?

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Will extensions make my hair thin?


Hair Extensions are a fantastic solution for those with thin hair however many women worry that extensions will exacerbate the thinning process. As long as you research your hair extensionist, and the correct method for you any hair loss should not be a problem! When considering hair extensions you must always ensure your hair extensions are fitted by a trained professional, you attend maintenance appointments as advised by your specialist, you use the correct products to care for your extensions and your hair extensions will not damage or cause any thinning to your natural hair.


When you have your hair extensions removed you will notice that there will be some natural loss of hair, this is completely normal so don’t panic. On average we lose 50-100 hairs day, we just don’t notice most of them, when you have extensions the hair you naturally loose is contained in the bonds until they are removed. On removal your extensionist should comb out any hair lost as part of the natural cycle in order to avoid any matting occurring.


At every 8 week refit you will have naturally shed around 5600 hairs! This may sound a lot however each person on average has around 150,000 hairs on their head and as with any hair growth on your body it is a cycle so as you lose a hair a new hair starts to grow.


This natural cycle of hair loss is another important reason why attending maintenance appointments is so important, if these hairs are not released and removed they can lead to matting which can cause unnecessary loss of hair.


Many people complain about how thin their hair feels following removal of their hair extensions, when you have been wearing hair extensions for a period of time you get used to the feeling of thick full bodied hair. What people forget or don’t realise is you have had 100-150 grams of hair extensions removed so of course your hair will feel thinner and it will take some adjustment just as you adjust to your new extensions.


If you are concerned contact your specialist who can advise you and remove your extensions if necessary.


To avoid any unnecessary hair loss make sure you do your research, find out the best method that suits your hair type, choose an extensionist with experience and who you feel comfortable and confident with, and as always don’t waste your money on bad extensions.

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