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Hair Extension Maintenance?

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Hair Extensions Maintenance Appointments

When considering hair extensions, it is important to take into account that you will need to attend regular maintenance appointments, these appointments involve removal of the hair extensions and then reapplication. By attending maintenance appointments your stylist can ensure your hair and the extensions remains in good condition and looking as good as possible for the whole time you’re wearing them.




At your free hair extension consultation your stylist should advise you how often the method of extensions you choose will require maintenance and also advise you of the cost of maintenance.


You need to attend maintenance appointments for a number of reasons, firstly so your stylist can check your natural hair is in good condition and not getting damaged, ensuring there is no matting or tangling and if there is this can be rectified before any significant damage is done. Matting and tangles can arise for a number of reasons sleeping with wet extensions or allowing your extensions to air dry, not separating your bonds regularly, not brushing your extensions thoroughly and not attending regular maintenance appointments.  Secondly by having your extensions removed and refitted it allows different sections of hair to be used to fix your extensions in place reducing tension and the risk of damage. By having your extensions refitted regularly you achieve the best possible finished look for longer.



How often to have hair extension appointments

Maintenance appointments vary from 4 weeks to 8 weeks depending on the method and your personal preference some clients don’t like the feeling of loose extensions therefore require more frequent maintenance. The key thing to remember is not to leave your maintenance longer than 8 weeks as this is when you risk damaging your natural hair and causing lasting damage.




The final key thing to remember is maintenance doesn’t start and end with your stylist, you must follow the correct aftercare in between appointments and seek your stylists advice if you have any issues.  


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