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Hair Extension Colour Matching Consultation

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Before you go ahead and order hair extensions it is critical to go through a hair extension consultation. This is to ensure that your new hair extensions match your existing hair colour perfectly. You don’t want your extensions to look out of plac.

At Natasha Jade Hair we pride ourselves on creating the perfect blend this means picking out the perfect colour match to your natural hair, this part of the process is vital as if the colour is not perfectly matched then the overall look will be affected.

As we want every one of our clients to leave feeling like a queen we offer an extensive complimentary consultation, this includes colour matching, discussing lifestyle, discussing hair goals and advising the best type of hair extensions to meet your goals.

Remember Hair extensions can be used to add length, volume and or colour however, not everyone is suitable, it may be during your consultation we decide that at this time it would not be best to apply hair extensions.

The consultation is a chance for you to ask any questions and get any worries off your chest, all the hair we use is top quality and all of the methods we use are designed to put the least tension on your hair protecting it from any damage.

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