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Hair Extension After Care What’s The Big Deal?

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Hair Extensions when looked after correctly can make your hair look and feel amazing however if they are not maintained using the appropriate products they can end up dry and split just like your natural hair. Each extension specialist will have their go to products and sometimes information overload can take over!

I love beauty Works products they are specially formulated to work with their hair extensions so if you wear Beauty Work hair extensions or any other brand for that matter with these products you cant go wrong!

With all aftercare I always recommend sulphate free products the reason for this is because sulphates clean your hair too well. Crazy right! As hair extensions do not have a natural source of oils and nutrients the need to get it from you, when you use a shampoo containing sulphates it strips your hair extensions of all oils and nutrients leading to them becoming dry and frizzy. Sulphates can also leave your scalp feeling dry and itchy as they remove all natural oils produced from your scalp.



  • Specialist hair extensions shampoo
  • Specialist hair extensions conditioner
  • Treatment mask or spray
  • Argan Oil
  • Hair Extensions Brush


Selecting the right shampoo for your hair extensions is essential to ensure your hair and scalp are kept nourished and clean. By using the correct shampoo you avoid chemical damage happening to your bonds and give longevity to your hair extensions. As already mentioned ensure you are using a sulphate free shampoo and ensure you are using a hair extensions specific brand. I recommend Beauty Works Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil Shampoo this product leaves our hair feeling squeaky clean whilst maintaining the right amount of oils and nutrients to keep your extensions smooth, full bodied and shiny.



Conditioner is as important as your shampoo, it locks in moisture ensuring a flat cuticle and allowing that salon smooth finish. Conditioner is an essential part of your routine ensuring your hair stays tangle and frizz free the Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil Conditioner by Beauty Works is the perfect partner to both the shampoo and your hair extensions.

Alongside your shampoo and conditioner you should invest in a weekly treatment mask this adds essential nutrients to your extensions deeply nourishing and restructuring any damage that may have occurred.



To maintain your extensions in between washes Argan Oil is a brilliant product, this natural oil adds nutrients leaving your hair nourished and silky smooth. This product is essential for when you are on holiday or if you are an avid swimmer as it helps to replace any moisture the sun and swimming can remove.



This treatment spray has it all, it works to nourish, repair and protect your extensions during heat styling. This product uses the nourishing power of argan and macadamia to restore lost oils, this helps eliminate frizz, restore shine and prevent split ends. The 10 in 1 will leave your hair feeling super soft and nourished from root to tip every time.


using an appropriate brush ensures you don’t cause any unwanted damage to your extensions, this may be accidentally pulling one of your bonds out or putting extra tension on the bonds leading to unnecessary tension. The best hair extension brushes are made using a combination of natural and nylon bristles this allows enough strength to detangle whilst maintains a smooth cuticle and reducing tension on your hair.

When your spend money on hair extensions it is easy to think your stylist is trying to sell you products to increase their income, the reality is investing in the correct products for your hair extensions will increase the life span of your extensions and give you great looking hair every time. In my opinion hair care is what makes peoples hair extension experience the best it can be, I often find if my clients don’t purchase hair care 1 of 2 things happens they either come back wanting to purchase it or they come back with frizzy dry extensions needing to purchase new hair and spending more money unnecessarily. Don’t spend your hard earned money on extensions and let it go to waste because you didn’t purchase the correct aftercare.

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