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Hair Extension After Care

The lifespan of your hair extensions will depend on the aftercare they receive and how they are maintained. Due to hair extensions being a natural consumable product a definitive lifespan can not be guaranteed however if you follow the correct after care advice you can get the most out of your new hair.


Hair Extension Do’s

Always de-tangle hair extensions from ends to roots.

Use a non-sulphate shampoo and conditioner ensuring you keep the conditioner away from all bonds and roots.

Wash your hair in lukewarm water and upright.

Gently squeeze out excess water and pat dry with a towel.

Apply hair oil to lock in moisture and fight frizz. 

Always dry your extensions thoroughly do not leave wet or damp as this can cause matting.

Use an appropriate hair extensions brush several times a day to avoid matting.

Tie your hair in a loose ponytail or plait for exercise and sleeping to prevent matting.

Use products designed specifically for your brand of hair extensions.

Attend regular maintenance appointments as advised by your stylist.

Hair Extension Don’t’s

Wash your hair more than 3 times a week.

When washing your hair don’t massage or twist hair extensions.

After washing do not rub extensions with a towel.

Avoid using heat styling tools near the bonds.

Do not twist or play with the bonds as this can loosen them.

It is not advisable to colour or perm your hair extensions this will void any warranty.

If swimming coat your extensions in conditioner avoiding the roots and bonds and tie up, this helps to prevent choline or salt water damaging your extensions, ensure you wash your extensions thoroughly and apply a treatment conditioner.

Do not try to remove your hair extensions yourself as this can cause damage your natural hair and scalp.


Every day you lose your natural hair (it’s why it comes out when you brush it). This process continues even if you have extensions however rather than your hair falling out it is held in place by the extensions.

When the time comes for you to take your hair extensions out all of the trapped hair will come out with it. This can be quite concerning the first time but this is completely natural. The volume of hair that is released is just the accumulation of hair that hasn’t fallen while you’ve had your extensions in place.

Initially your extensions may be itchy or be uncomfortable this again is completely natural and will subside once your hair and head has become accustomed to them.

Please Note any Beauty Works hair extensions purchased without purchasing the appropriate aftercare are none refundable once they are removed from the packaging.

Remember not everyone is suitable for hair extensions, if you have and questions or queries contact your professional stylist first who will always be happy to help.

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