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Deep Cleansing Clarifying Shampoo

Designed to remove products from your hair preventing product build up and leaving you hair looking and feeling fresh.

1000ml £30.00

Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil Shampoo

Also available in sulphate free

Perfect for silky smooth locks.

1000ml £30.00 || 250ml £12.00 || 50ml £3.00

Dry Foam Shampoo

Ideal for after the gym, on the go and transforming your style between blowdries.

150ml £15.00

Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil Conditioner

Perfect for adding nourishment back into your hair and silk smooth locks.

1000ml £30.00 || 250ml £12.00 || 50ml £3.00

Pear Nourishing Argan Oil Mask

Specifically formulated to deeply nourish and repair all hair types.

250ml £12.00 || 50ml £3.00

Whipped Mouse Leave In Conditioner

This light conditioning cream give deep nourishment and hydration that condition and revive hair.

200ml £15.00

Argan Serum

Serum is essential for keeping hair extensions smooth and tangle free.

50ml £12.00

Heat Protection Spray

Protect your hair during styling by using this specifically designed heat protection spray.

250ml £12.00 || 50ml £4.00

10 in 1 Miracle Spray

It really is a miracle! This 1 spray has 10 benefits such as anti-frizz, moisturising, glosses and shines, prevents split ends, strengths hair, protects from heat, nourishes and restructures, antioxidant and anti ageing, extra body and volume and superior styling.

250ml £12.00 || 50ml £4.00

Wave Maker

Need some help creating those perfect waves, this is the product for you!


150ml £12.00