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Angel Remy Hair Extensions

Angel Remy are a global supplier of luxury hair extensions, with a vast range of shades to choose from you can be sure that we can find the right shade for you! At Natasha Jade Hair we only use Angel Remy’s top range of double drawn weft and stick tip extensions as we believe double drawn hair creates the best finished result. Angel Remy is an affordable brand meaning we can create full and luscious locks that suit your budget. 

The best thing for you to do if you’re considering extensions is get in touch and attending a free consultation then we can advise you on what’s not only best for you but your hair long term.

What is Double Drawn?

Double Drawn means that the hair is processed by hand selecting the best quality hair ensuring that all lengths are the same giving the illusion of thicker fuller hair from every angle.

If Angel Remy hair is maintained as instructed in our aftercare leaflet and the correct products are used your hair extensions can last up to 9 months plus. – It definitely worth considering our aftercare packages.

If you are considering angel remy extensions in Stockport, Wilmslow or the Cheshire area then click here to book a free consultation