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09 Apr 2019
Deciding What Length of Hair Extensions are Right For You

When thinking about Hair Extensions a key part of the process is deciding what length will suit you, there are a number of factors to consider when thinking about length including cost, styling, method and maintenance. Before jumping in with a random length it’s worth consulting your hair extensions specialist as they will be able...

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18 Sep 2018
Hair Extension Maintenance?

Hair Extensions Maintenance Appointments When considering hair extensions, it is important to take into account that you will need to attend regular maintenance appointments, these appointments involve removal of the hair extensions and then reapplication. By attending maintenance appointments your stylist can ensure your hair and the extensions remains in good condition and looking as...

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21 May 2018
Will a weave damage my hair?

The first thing to note when considering a weave is your hair type, not all hair types are suitable for a weave no matter which weaving method you use. Very fine or damaged hair is not suitable for a weave and even thick hair isn’t always suitable for all methods of weaves. In the past...

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01 May 2018
How To Wash Hair Extensions

How To Wash Hair Extensions? This is probably the question that gets asked the most during hair extensions consultations. Washing your hair extensions can feel like a mammoth task when you first have them fitted however follow this simple guide and you will be looking forward to every wash day. Detangle Hair Extensions First Before...

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25 Apr 2018
Will Hair Extensions Make My Hair Thin?

Will extensions make my hair thin?   Hair Extensions are a fantastic solution for those with thin hair however many women worry that extensions will exacerbate the thinning process. As long as you research your hair extensionist, and the correct method for you any hair loss should not be a problem! When considering hair extensions...

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15 Apr 2018
Hair Extensions on Holiday

Holiday Hair Extensions   With holiday season just around the corner I thought I would do a blog on how to care for your hair extensions on holiday!   Lots of things can affect your hair whilst you’re away the change in climate, the change in water, added elements such as chlorine salt water and...

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08 Apr 2018
Hair Extension After Care What’s The Big Deal?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hair Extension Care when looked after correctly can make your hair look and feel amazing however if they are not maintained using the appropriate products they can end up dry and split just like your natural hair. Each extension specialist will have their go to products and sometimes information overload can take over! I love...

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11 Mar 2018
10 Benefits Of Tape Extensions

Tape extensions are still fairly new to the market and add another decision to your hair extensions journey. In this blog, I’ve pointed out 10 benefits of tape extensions to try and make your decision that little it easier. 1: FLAT AND SMOOTH Tape extensions are the most discreet and easiest to wear, they sit...

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09 Mar 2018
5 Tips For Looking After Your Hair Extensions

How To Look After Your New Hair Extensions Hair extensions are a great way to add extra length and volume to thin or short hair, however, many people struggle to keep them in prime condition. By looking after hair extensions effectively you can keep them looking fresh and healthy for longer. Here are five tips...

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